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Ariel University

we were honored to take part in the space design of a start-up company that is part of the university. We worked with the architect Yifat Shmerling and a team of scientists who volunteered to convey the content to us to produce an intelligent language that implicitly conveys the world of their content. We chose a geometric language that represents the world of cells that they study while using wood and green elements to connect nature to the space and materials that the architect chose. We worked on the project with MOS material, a natural material that requires minimal maintenance and is recognized as a green material for use in architecture. In the labs we kept a clean and minimalist line to add color to the white spaces along with preserving the main thing which is the unique occupation of the staff.

Architecture: Yifat Shmerling

Photography: Gidon Levin

Ariel University Big Text And Grass
Ariel University Big 3d Elements And Frosted
Ariel University Slider Research Sign
Ariel University Slider Managment Sign
Ariel University Slider Toilet Sign
Ariel University Small Meeting Room Graphic
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