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Veeva Industries

Viva offers its clients cloud computing services in a software-as-a-service model and focuses on the pharma and life sciences sectors. The offices were designed with a warm and cozy line and high standard by Hadas Makov Interior Architecture. We were asked by the customer to make sure to create a pleasant and quiet work environment and we did this by using graphic elements of the brand while maintaining cozy and clean lines. One of the most important values for the company is transparency and that’s why we chose the work on the glass that allows for openness between the spaces. The graphics were installed by our team of installers at a high level of precision with high-quality raw materials and a meticulous cutting level that required them to accurately paste the graphics into parts of the field. All materials and graphics are given a 5-year warranty.

Architecture: Hadas Makov Interior Architecture.

Photo: Yoav Peled.

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Veeva Industries
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