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About us

We are a creative agency in Tel Aviv specializing in environmental graphic design. We work with clients to create better user experiences in their companies through clear and captivating environmental graphics. We believe in creating beautiful energy-filled spaces that resonate with our client’s values and translate them into the physical space, while at the same creating an environment that invites to innovate.
Our work encompasses regular and motion graphics, signage, and graffiti for visual stimulation, brand identity development, and wayfinding. Our goal is to create a graphic language that communicates the companies’ message to both visitors and occupants.

We specialize in the high tech industry. As the competition for talent in this sector intensifies, we work with companies to design spaces that are not only beautiful, but also fun, interactive and, most importantly, inspiring of new ideas.

What is environmental graphic design?

Environmental graphic design is a multidisciplinary field of design in which graphic design, architecture, art, lighting and landscape are combined to enhance the user experience through the visual translation of ideas into the environment. The goal is to add direction and identity to the architecture of a space.

Our staff

At Luka we believe in breaking down the traditional walls between graphic, environmental and industrial design. We offer the talents of a multi-disciplinary group of professionals trained in graphic design, architecture and the arts, enabling us to integrate graphics into the physical space, while at the same time creating designs that inspire.

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