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Earnix is ​​one of the leading companies in the global fintech industry, it has developed a cloud platform with ground-breaking analysis capabilities that is causing a real consumer revolution in the worlds of insurance and banking. The company’s new offices were designed by Shirley Zamir and are spread over 3 floors with a total area of ​​4,500 square meters. The emphasis in creating the graphic language was to create a pleasant space that blends in with the architectural language. The project was conducted in collaboration with a team from the company who connected us to our daily work. Formality evolved from the language of the brand using materials that connected to the space. Our goal was to create a language that would fit over time and create an experience of a space that arouses curiosity and produces a sense of peace. In the process of execution and installation we placed emphasis on choosing materials that will maintain the quality and visibility without difficulty in maintenance, all materials have a 5-year warranty

Architecture: Shirley Zamir

Photo: Yoav Peled

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