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ISS, Israel’s largest provider of business services, moved to its new offices in Or Yehuda. At the company’s crossing, the company concentrated all the various departments on one floor with a peripheral structure. The design process emphasizes the provision of a solution for the division of the open space into the various departments, the direction and definition of spaces by color and major cities in the world. The division was chosen by the company to catalog the various divisions and we trained for each design department that draws characteristics and aesthetics known from the culture of the city while maintaining a balance between open office space and the required privacy. The project’s execution part consists of combining many techniques, including printed wallpapers, vinyl cuts, full label printing, a frosted decals cut, three-dimensional typography protruding from the walls and flagpoles to guide.

Photography: Amit Giron

Iss Office Graphic Design Landing Image
Iss Graphic Design Medium Image
Iss Office Graphic Design 49
Iss Graphic Design 8
Iss Frosted Glass Decal 31
Iss Meeting Room Graphics 19
Iss Wall Decal Design 38
Iss Wall Decal Design 25
Iss Graphic Decal Design 21
Iss Glass Decal Design 42
Iss Graphic Design 4
Iss Main Lobby Logo 35
Iss Office Design 26
Iss Enviromental Graphic Design 47
Iss Office Graphics 40
Iss Dairections Signage 46
Iss Glass Graphic Design 45
Iss Glass Decal Graphics 7
Iss Corridor Graphic Design 37
Iss Glass Decal Design 23
Iss Meeting Room Design 13
Iss Glass Decal Design 27
Iss Meeting Room Graphic Design 20
Iss Office Graphic Design 30
Iss Office Graphic Design 28
Iss Meeting Room Graphics Design 11
Iss Meeting Room Graphics Design 12
Iss Graphic Design 15
Iss Office Graphic Design 24
Iss Wall Graphic Design 36
Iss Corridor Graphic Design 34
Iss Corridor Decals Design 32
Iss Corridor Decal Design 33
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