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Art and Design – Where Do They Meet?

Many artists argue that design is too structural and not an actual art form.
On the other hand, many designers argue that art is devoid of structure and formal features.

If so, where do they meet, and where do they part?


The basic structure of graphic design and art is identical.
Despite this, designers create industrial art,
while artists often create art for self-expression only.
When we compare design and art,
the principles and elements are the same, both deal with aesthetic visual areas.
Artists and designers even use the same techniques many times,
but the intentions are different and the audience is different.


But we can identify one notable difference –
Art is often used as a medium to express personal, political, or emotional expression,
while design is used as an industrial medium, designed to
convey a specific message, usually of the customer.


Art and design both deal with the translation of ideas and emotions through visual elements,
both deal with the choice of tools and materials,
composition and colors.


Some say that design is a more rigorous method

aimed at a multi-participant audience
while art can appeal to a particular niche of people

or even just to the artist himself who created the work.


Design follows precise principles while

art can be full of mistakes and even intentional,
out of a desire to express opposition to these principles or a particular opinion about them.

The difference is in the role that everyone plays in society.

Good design has the role of enhancing and
refining a particular idea to a coherent and clear finished product,
while art can be interpreted personally and philosophically analyzed.

Graphic artists and designers can actually learn a lot from each other.
Designers will be able to occasionally move away from digital media and
return to the tangible sources of brush and canvas,
and artists will be able to perfect their forms of expression
with the help of the digital media available today.

Our team at Luka Studio

counts all the variety of creators –
illustrators, designers, artists;
each one specializes in his field and all together reinforce the approach we advocate –
there is no one without the other.
Art for Luka Studio is an inseparable language from design and vice versa.
In every design we create for our customers we are always at the seam between
groundbreaking artistic expression and product design,
conveying a coherent and aesthetic message to the customer.


From the magazine the Buchtelite, of Akron University, Bryan Plobiak.


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