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6 ways to make your employees happier

Happy employees are key to the success of any organization.
Contrary to what is commonly thought, adequate financial reward does not always guarantee happiness.
Here are some ways you can make your employees feel better:

1. Share Often when there is a change in the organization, or when working on a large project, not all employees are involved directly. It is important that even people who are not involved know what is going on in the organization and will feel that they are part of the change, no matter what project they are working on.

2. Stay flexible even the most loyal employees need to go out early sometimes or work from home. A workplace that listens to its workers’ demands and is prepared to be flexible is a place of work that will succeed in preserving its employees.

3. Invest in a pleasant and adaptable work environment – not only the people who make it, but also the space you work in. It is important that space suits the requirements of the job, represents the organizational culture, will inspire and be functional. Creating shared spaces, for example, encourages interaction between employees and helps them express themselves and share ideas. Such employees will be more satisfied and feel more deeply connected to their workplace. Another idea is to break down office boredom by handling the walls. Designed walls that convey the values ​​of the organization are an element that can not be ignored and through which it is easy to convey complex messages.

4. Discover Interest – Bosses tend to drop tasks on employees and get them back at the end. The lack of involvement often shows a belief in the worker’s abilities, but sometimes it is worthwhile to change the routine and ask questions to get feedback from your employees: Did they understand the task? What parts worked? With what did they struggle? Show interest in your employees and they will feel more meaningful and valuable to the organization.

5. Learn to say thank you – Sometimes, in everyday tasks, we tend to take for granted the function of our subordinates. Employees might feel that their existence is being noticed only when they screw up. Therefore, it’s important to know how to compliment your staff and make them feel that they are seen, especially when they come up with a good idea or lead a new move.

6. Be available – one of the things that keep employees in a workplace for long periods of time is a good relationship with their superiors. Employees who know that their managers’ doors are always open (and not just as a password thrown into space at the occasional holiday toast) will feel more comfortable in the work environment, share more, be more satisfied and speed up the flow of information in the organization.

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6 ways to make your employees happier
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