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Essential Checklist for your Office Design

There’s no doubt about it. The design of your office space will have a great impact in your quality of life, the quality of your work, and worker retention. Follow these six essential steps to transform your office space into a beautiful, functional, and healthy space!


Make the space inspiring

Whether this means choosing the right setup and furniture or filling the space with captivating or energizing graphics, make sure your office space is inspiring. Creating the right ambiance will increase users’ mood and productivity.


Establish a link between the design and your company

Your office space should not only be functional and beautiful, but also reflect the values of your company. Creating a connection between the space and what you do is essential to make your workers feel attached to your mission.


Choose colors wisely

Colors influence our brain. They can calm us, energize us, even upset us. The color palette you choose will set the mood in your office space. Before you decide on a specific color, think about the environment you want to create.


Precise and engaging signage 

Simple. No one likes getting lost. Clear and beautiful directions will significantly improve your user experience.


Make it interactive 

The more users are engaged to the environment, the more they will feel at home. This is the exact feeling you want to give to your workers. Interactive design can also serve as the ideal work break!


Natural light

Natural light will drastically improve your workspace quality and your workers mood. If you can choose, floor-to-ceiling windows are a great solution, if not, always keep in mind that there is no substitute for natural light. The more the better.

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